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Everyday the world’s population increases by 233,000 people. Add water shortages, a lack of arable land and increased agricultural pests, weeds and diseases – and we’ve got a global food supply that’s under incredible pressure.

To meet this challenging future head-on, we need to inspire the next generation of agricultural visionaries: Our young people. Only by inspiring our youth to pursue careers in science and agriculture can we continue to advance sustainable and modern agriculture and ensure the security of our food future.

The Youth Ag-Summit is a week-long event that serves as a forum for young leaders to discuss opportunities, collaborate and develop solutions to the question “How do we feed a hungry planet?”

Young and hungry minds from around the world are provided the opportunity to attend the bi-annual Summit, through an essay contest. The long-term goal is to inspire these delegates to not just think, but to act – becoming global instruments of change. Their mission is to come up with concrete new ideas, which can drive agricultural progress across the globe and be put into practice back home.


The brief asked us to create a design language as the platform to engaging delegates at the Youth Ag-Summit. The objective was to inspire youth to attend the summit and thereby submit an essay. The posters were distributed to universities in 39 countries around the world and supported by a social media campaign.

The challenges of global food security can feel overwhelming, as a result we chose bright and bold colour, supported by a highly creative combination of photography and copy to paint an optimistic picture of the future and invite youth to be part of finding solutions to one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our approach used photography to marry food, bold colour and key messages to both inform and inspire youth to participate in the application phase and contribute at the conference. The summit asked delegates to be disruptive; to think and act different. Art direction for imagery and event collateral aimed to show respect to fresh produce whilst at the same time communicating a sense of disruption.

The outcomes of the campaign included a 5 fold increase in essay submissions when compared to the previous event. With spots on the summit highly limited and a desire to harness the enthusiasm of those who submitted an essay, but did not make the cut for the summit, the decision was made to create the Youth- Ag Network so those passionate about solving global food security can come together - beyond the summit - and collaborate for a better future.

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Global PRWEEK Awards, UK, Finalist - Global Event Activation

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Youth Ag-Summit